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campusSOURCE awards in 2022 in cooperation with the
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campusSOURCE Award 2022

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General Remarks

Programming one’s own software to investigate research questions has now become a standard part of scientific work; research software is thus being developed by persons with different backgrounds and qualifications. Scientists, students and professional software developers in different positions contribute to this in great diversity. Often, however, research software is still treated as a by-product. The campusSOURCE Award 2022 is intended to challenge this and to place greater emphasis on scientists who develop software as a contribution to their research. The present call for application exclusively addresses those research and scientific software solutions that have not been developed by full-time programmers for the purpose of obtaining scientific knowledge. Research and scientific software solutions in this call include: the in-house development of research software for the simulation, generation, processing, analysis or visualization of research data, as well as software for the control of research devices and experiments.

The campusSOURCE Award 2022 is intended to honor individuals or teams who make significant contributions to supporting scientifically active persons, who develop research software and thereby enable new and innovative research software solutions, for example by helping

Further Criteria

The campusSOURCE Award 2022 is supported by campusSOURCE, the Helmholtz Open Science Office, and the Society for Research Software de-RSE e.V.

Prize Money

In total, a prize money of 17,000 EUR is available, which will be awarded as follows:

  1. Prize: € 10.000
  2. Prize: € 5.000
  3. Prize: € 2.000

Conditions of Participation

The Award is open to participation for any interested individuals and teams! The focus of the evaluation will be placed on the projects: it therefore does not matter whether the submissions are handed in by researchers, employees of a central institution, or by students. Contributions from multiple persons and teams are expressly encouraged.

Entering the Competition

The project is to be outlined in a document of max. 10 pages in English or German language.

The relation to the objectives and the intended approach to solve these, as expressed in the Call for Application, should be clearly formulated (this includes: implementation planning, technical or organizational details, timing, and current / project status).

By participating in the campusSOURCE Award 2022, you assert that you have generated the submitted competition entry by yourself and without help other than has been specified in the submission. Should you be nominated, you agree to present your competition entry personally at the campusSOURCE Conference 2022 (preferably in German language).

The competition participants declare that the submission of contributions is free from third party rights and that they consent to the submission’s publication. The submitted contributions should – after having undergone a positive review process – be published in the Open Access journal "eleed" or on the campusSOURCE website; the consent of the participants is required. campusSOURCE does not claim the exclusive right of exploitation. After the primary publication by campusSOURCE or eleed, the contribution can thus also be published and used elsewhere by the participants.

All competition documents are to be submitted online.

The competition entry must be submitted in electronic form (PDF document) by December 15, 2021 via https://ev.campusSOURCE.de/Award2022.

The Jury

The jury comprises scientists, employees from research institutions, and companies. The decision of the jury is not subject to appeal.

Award Ceremony

The award ceremony will take place as part of the campusSOURCE conference 2022, during which the content of the award-winning submissions will be presented.

Legal recourse is excluded.